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Honeywell-L5210 RV Security System

Part Number Honeywell-L5210RV
Honeywell-L5210 RV Security System
Honeywell-L5210RV Control Panel
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KC-L5210 Honeywell Security System is Modified to Provide Security Protection for Your Recreational Vehicle, Motor-home, Cabin or Trailer... (Price does not include any installation)

To Many RV Users are having their RV's broken into, losing Valuable Deep Cycle Batteries, Flat Screen TV's, and other Articles...  

With so many break-ins and vandalism on Recreational Motor-homes and Trailers,
I've built a Wireless Intrusion Alarm System Designed to work on 12VDC for Mobile or during Storage Applications

Operation: Supply Voltage 12VDC, Using the Existing RV Battery System...
Alarm High Out Put is 119DB Pulsating Siren... Indoor/Outdoor Alarm...
Instant Alarm, Attempt Removal of Battery Compartment Doors and Lids...
Touch Screen Operations...

Motion Sensor, Indoor... Instant Response as programmed...
Door Sensor... Delay Response as programmed...
Battery Lid Sensor... Instant response as programmed...

Wireless Key Operation or Front Panel Control...